Village Orphange Outreach

Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Orphange, invited us to share the Gospel with the children at their Christams function. On the day there were almost three hundred children. Some of the children were from the orphanage, while many others were from the village. The orphanage received many gifts from different institutions which they gave to the children as Christmas presents.

The message we shared with the children was that Jesus was the perfect gift for mankind and that nothing can replace The Son of God. He is the ultimate gift. We then shared with them, that just as Jesus is the perfect gift to man, so they are the perfect gift for Jesus. It was so beautiful to see that they realized that they are more precious than silver or gold.

We then done what had never been done before. We gave the children the opportunity to receive Jesus. All the children accepted Jesus as the greatest gift. They accepted Jesus into their lives and hearts. They accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. Then we invited the children out for additional prayer, again they came out in the numbers. One child asked that I pray for Jesus to heal the world. I cried!!