Association for persons with disabilities. Vredendal.

The attitude of the employers at the (APD) is nothing less than that of servant hearts. They are a team who do more than what the job description asks of them. Here children are fed daily, and learn basic skills such as how to speak, how to read, iron clothes, and many other essential skills. Carin Conradie is one of the social workers and also oversees the project. For more information please contact her on 0832315249.  Visiting them was an experience too precious to ever forget.

Message Summary:

Jesus loves you. God has never made anything that is not perfect. Through the eyes of man, we see like man. But God looks through His eyes at what He has created and it is VERY GOOD. PERFECT! Each one of you, are precious and beautiful. Today I bless you in The Name of God Almighty. I speak the blessings of God over your life. Blessings of good health, of joy, blessings of a good future, I bless you with the plans God has to prosper you and not to harm you. Jesus loves you, ok? Remember, Jesus loves you, and that HE is always with you. Always!