William’s Testimony

“Who am I Jesus, that You love me, and have given Yourself for me?”

My name is William Austen and I am very humbled for this opportunity to share with you how Jesus saved my soul and called me into ministry.

I also speak of the horrific assault I suffered and car accident I had. Here are some photos that were taken of the assault I endured and also of the car accident.

One night during February 2018 while preparing for an outreach a gang attacked me in the Strand in the Western Cape. They assaulted me with pipes and bricks while others were kicking and hitting me. They left me for dead in the street.

My skull was fractured in various places and I underwent two emergency operations. But God who is rich in mercy spared my life.

Then three months later in the month of May 2018 God spared my life again. I was in a major car accident as I drove into an oncoming truck.

May my testimony encourage you to place your hope in Jesus and may our Heavenly Father be glorified. Amen.